Services & Solutions à façon pour la purification des radiotraceurs

Flexibilité et Savoir-faire pour des outils et protocoles de purification les plus performants

AFFINISEP provides a whole range of services to solve your problem of purification in a fast and efficient way:

- Development of the adapted phase for SPE: Thanks to the distribution of a complete range of different sorbents (polymeric, silica or MIP), AFFINISEP can propose you the phase(s) adapted to your application. In addition, with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers, AFFINISEP can also design a very specific sorbent to purify your radiotracer. 

- Development of  multilayer phases in one SPE: Some product purifications require the use of several SPE cartridges with different sorbents, at the same time. For a more friendly and convenient handling, AFFINISEP can make a unique SPE cartridge containing a mixture of the different sorbents.

- Development of different formats: Do not hesitate to ask for specific formats or sorbent amount. AFFINISEP offers a large flexibility to manufacture the cartridges/columns that best suit to your SPE or HPLC application.

- Development of specific protocols: AFFINISEP have a strong know-how in methods development to develop SPE and HPLC protocols.

Why trusting AFFINISEP?

  • A high flexibility in the product preparation to adapt the product to your demand (format, amount of products...)
  • A strong know-how to develop purification tools and protocols, you need (MIP design, SPE protocols...)
  • A complete range of sorbents to give you the best product really adapted to your purification (Polymeric, Silica/Alumina based, MIPs)
  • A very reactive staff for a quick and efficient development

For any of these services, please fill out the form here or email us at Our team will answer as soon as possible.


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